There are plenty of people holding flashlights,
casting shadows, offering directions...

Perhaps it's best if you light your own way.
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I was browsing random blogs a while ago and I happened to come across a personal blog of a woman’s wedding diary. Although it was written in Korean I knew because it contained pictures. And while scrolling down, without even understanding whats written on that page, I slowly felt something warm crawling inside me… I was touched, mainly by those wedding pictures with faces of people I never knew anything about. Its just that they all seem so  happy and grateful and full of hope and love. <3

Ang lalakeng itsura lang ang basehan ng pagmamahal ay hindi karapat-dapat para sayo.
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I will tell you I love you,
in my loudest screams,
in whispers,
in silence
at times when
I have nothing left—
not even you.
The Diary of a Lost Heart (Consistency)

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when music continues to play after i closed the tab


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May mga tao talaga na abuso sa kabaitan mo.

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